After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, ​
I went right to work - as a wife and mom! I had the awesome privilege to home school our three children. This is a picture of most members my precious family. As that full time job was coming to an end, I started the search for what I wanted to be when I grew up!  I discovered that my passion is to help people discover their own extraordinary path from where they are to where they want to be. The future focus of Life Coaching fits this framework. 
I currently have 3 coaching certifications.  Part of my commitment to my clients is my own personal growth. I continue to invest in coach training and certifications to add more tools, better communication, and deeper understanding so that I may serve my clients in the fullest way. 
I studied and earned Certification as Practitioner of Excellence through Strategic Intervention Coaching.
Strategic Intervention utilizes practical and effective strategies from a variety of disciplines to equip a client to actively pursue his/her own goals - everything from job change, to better relationships, more effective parenting, managing weight, increasing happiness, life transitions, mindsets, finances, handling emotions - anything someone wants to add or express in their life.
I earned the Think Differently Training and Coaching Certification. This training incorporates family and systems thinking, principles of Freedom based on scripture, and principles of change.
Most recently I became a certified NLP practitioner.  NLP is a way of understanding how we experience and communicate about our internal and external realities. It provides simple, powerful tools to create change, allowing more personal freedom.  



Wow! I never saw it that way before! This changes everything!

Thank you Dee Ann!

~ JE