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Life Coaching

 " It's so amazing having someone on your team who is totally for you - without their own agenda, with no judgement! Thank you Dee Ann!"

~Claudia S., Australia

All coaches are different, with different styles, techniques and approaches. It's important to find one that resonates with you, where you feel you can find what you are looking for. This is why I offer the free Discovery session. Sometimes we forget (or never knew) how amazing it is just to have someone LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing.

Don't you hate having to go to a doctor or dentist for the first time and you have NO idea what type of person the doctor is? Me too! And that is why I would not ask or expect you to feel any different about entering into a coaching relationship with me.


I have special hours reserved specifically to speak to first time clients. 


There's no reason to wait! You know you want to check it out....

Every first consultation costs you absolutely ZERO! No cost, no commitment, no pressure. I'd really just love to connect with you, answer your questions and see how I can serve you.

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