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Life coaching is like a bridge connecting where 

you are to where you want to be. 

Most coaching is accomplished over the phone or through Zoom. But

if you live in the Dallas, Texas area, we can meet in person!!


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between a client and coach.

One-on-one coaching requires commitment from both sides.

It is this mutual commitment that fosters a culture of trust and growth.

Life coaching is focused on the here and now; not the past. We look for ways to move forward. And I believe you have the answers inside you - they are just sometimes hidden. A coach is someone that helps you find those answers; someone that knows you, is for you, wants your success, isn't afraid of you, and is on your team. A coach can help you see what you couldn't see on your own. 

Life Coaching is supportive and positive. At the end of a coaching session, you should feel uplifted, encouraged, motivated, lighter, and more positive.

As a Life Coach client, you are responsible for your communication, decisions and actions. A coach may offer insight, ask you to think differently about something, make suggestions, ask hard questions, offer feedback, but you decide what works for you. 

As your coach, my passion is to see you get from where you are to where you want to be.  I want the extraordinary life inside of you to make it to the outside of you. 

Private Life Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not facing any crisis - will Life Coaching help me?

Absolutely! Life Coaching is about getting you where YOU want to go! For some people, that means MORE satisfaction, more happiness, more clarity. Others may want to focus on a specific goal - or learn how to make and implement goals. The beauty of life coaching is that it is tailored to each client's current needs or desires. There is not a 'one size fits all.'

How does it work if I don't live in Dallas, TX?

Proximity is not a problem! For several reasons, phone coaching is actually preferred. ~ It is more efficient for both client and coach. Most people lead busy lives, and the ability to have coaching sessions over the phone saves time and allows location flexibility. Although you need to be in a calm, quiet, focused location for the call, that location can be your office, your car, your bedroom, a hotel room, or a beautiful rooftop patio at the beach! ~ I have found that the 'distance' of the phone allows the client more freedom to tell the truth about their life. For some, the idea of bumping into their life coach at the grocery story is an uncomfortable thought. ~ Time zones can be worked out. I have successfully coached clients in countries around the world.

How is Life Coaching different from Therapy? Or just talking with a best friend?

Life Coaching is not therapy. Life coaching focuses on the present and the client's future. Life coaches help people move forward, exploring options and goals to help the client move toward the life they want. Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people that want more out of life, may feel a little stuck, or want to make a change in their life. Best friends are terrific! Everyone should have one, two or three best friends. Often, best friends know you well - but that also means they can be too close or too emotionally involved in your situations. Also, they aren't always willing to tell you the truth because they don't want to risk losing the relationship. Best case scenario - have a best friend and a coach!

How do I know if Life Coaching is for me?

Is there anything you are tolerating in your life? Do you catch yourself wishing something was different? Do you feel like you sabotage yourself? Do you keep thinking, "Is this all there is?" Do you want deeper connections with your loved ones? The highest performing athletes have coaches. We can set up a complimentary, no obligstion Clarity session so you can see if coaching will benefit you.

Why would people that are already successful hire a Dallas Life Coach?

People have managed just fine in the past without a life coach. In that respect, no one has to have one. My parents were happy to have a job that paid the bills .But today's world is increasingly more complicated. Relationships are more complicated. Jobs are more complicated. Today we want jobs that are satisfying and fulfilling. We want to contribute to the world around us. The opportunities available to us today are literally unlimited. If you aren't doing what you love to do, even if you are successful, you could benefit from some coaching. Are you tolerating or putting up with some things? Coaching can help with shifts that brings greater satisfaction and meaning to your life.